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What is MojiPage?

MojiPage is a free, customizable mobile social webtop. It gives users quick access to their favorite web contents (e.g. feeds, widgets, social networks) by summarizing the information onto a single screen, viewable on mobile and desktop browsers.

Streamlined Mobile Experience

Designed with the limitations of mobile devices in mind, contents on MojiPage are specifically optimized for viewing on mobile browsers.

Easy Access

Your personalized MojiPage can be set as the default home page on your mobile browser, and can be customized from any web browser on the mobile or desktop.


When accessing contents on MojiPage, users will not be redirected to other websites. The loading of information and data is therefore significantly faster.

Cost Savings

MojiPage is customized to meet individual requirements. The mobile data consumption incurred is minimized when unwanted contents are not downloaded.

The MojiPage Advantage

Developer Community

MojiPage is an open system where contents can be easily built by developers using a simple and familiar API (XHTML, CSS and Javascript). The open API will allow developers to create their own widgets for MojiPage and made available to all MojiPage users.

Documentations and technical support will also be provided free to developers. This will ensure that all widgets created will have a consistent end user experience.

The unique technology behind MojiPage allows contents to be loaded and refreshed from the server end instead of the browser’s end like other conventional mobile pages. This allows MojiPage to be supported on the largest array of mobile devices available.

Business Community

In the interest of providing the largest library of widgets to end users, Moji Labs, Inc. will provide custom widgets creation and hosting services for corporate, commercial and retail businesses. The company’s branded widget can be a mobilized version of their website, or an application that features any of their core business functionalities.

MojiPage is a white label solution. It can be skinned and customized to meet the branding needs any company. If a company requires their own branded mobile start page, MojiPage will provide the technical support, creation and/or hosting services as required.